Medipass is the brand that the KOS Group uses for its technology operations. The company offers integrated high-technology services in the area of healthcare:

  •  turnkey solutions for advanced diagnosis and therapy healthcare services;
  • complete management of technology parks;
  • outsourcing of outpatient diagnoses.

Medipass operates throughout the entire country in a vast range of technological solutions and operating requirements; it provides hospitals with important know-how and management models in addition to providing highly qualified professionals.

Medipass is a reliable partner to provide and manage complex services. It deals with everything that makes a service efficient for the hospital and the patient without any change in the normal relationships (hospital/Regional health service and hospital/patient).

Compliance with quality parameters, the accuracy of the interaction with the patients and operators and the attention paid to scientific and technological opportunities have made Medipass the ideal partner for innovation and optimisation of the health systems.

The Medipass staff includes operators, technicians and expert doctors. The professional skills of the staff who work with Medipass are of basic importance for the analysis and planning of services, the choice of technology and the training of professionals, and the direct management of the services and equipment.

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