Kos for health


KOS is the island where the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, was born. KOS was the name chosen for this ambitious project: a unified centre in the area of healthcare and social health. As a private operator in the ever-evolving healthcare sector, it intends to be a leader in innovation and the provision of high-quality, personalised services.

KOS has been operating since 2003 through companies specialised in three main areas of activity:

  • Long term care: trough Kos Care manages residential care and healthcare for both self-sufficient and non self-sufficient elderly people, in addition to persons with disabilities, including mental disorders, rehabilitation centres, psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics;
  • Healthcare: trough Ospedale di Suzzara e Sanatrix Gestioni manages hospitals;
  • High-tech outsourcing: trough Medipass  provides advanced, complex medical technology management services (medical imaging, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy), including for the national health service.