Overall management of technology parks (MES)

KOS – through Medipass – offers public and private hospitals a complete solution to manage technology parks that focuses on quality, innovation and productivity, with the aim of supporting the customer healthcare organisation to provide the best treatment possible to its patients.

There are a number of different reasons why a hospital would choose to outsource management of its technology park:

  • To obtain a loan to purchase equipment
  • To replace obsolete technology
  • To save on costs through well-planned and managed maintenance
  • To ensure maintenance of the technological assets, including by programmed equipment replacement within the scope of a pre-defined plan.

Outsourced management of the technology park allows greater efficiency to be achieved through the use of modern equipment and process re-engineering and it also transfers the risks and risk management from the hospital to a specialised supplier (for example the risk of downtime of the equipment).

Medipass has managed the technology park of two of the biggest cancer health care centres in Europe for the past 18 years, in addition to other services provided in Italy: Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust and Belfast City Hospital. It manages the high technology imaging and radiotherapy equipment: 19 state-of-the-art linear accelerators (Elekta and Varian), magnetic resonance equipment, CT, gamma chambers, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, radiography and RIS-PACS systems.