Advanced health care services for cancer therapy and diagnosis


KOS OFFERS turnkey solutions to provide advanced healthcare services in the areas of advanced medical imaging, cancer therapy and diagnosis (such nuclear medicine and radiation therapy). It is a leading operator in the supply of these services in both the public and private sectors.

In view of the group’s experience, it is well-qualified to support the start-up and development of high-tech, complex projects, working closely with hospitals and maximising the contribution of the respective skills.

These projects are carried out on the basis of specific requirements by the customer healthcare organisation, and may include planning, implementation, start-up and overall management. A service that guarantees:

  •  interaction with the biggest international producers;
  • specific know-how and specialist professional resources;
  • excellent reputation and recognition in the area of activity;
  • in-depth knowledge of technological trends and emerging markets;
  • solid references and high contract renewal rates;
  • know-how in the area of financial resources.